Ball Chairs are sensory seating for home or school... 

  • Improves concentration
  • Improves learning 
  • Improves Handwriting 
  • Improves behaviour

Throughout the day, allowing students to sit on a ball instead of their regular chair uses the core muscles of their abdominal and back. They must keep these muscles constantly engaged to hold proper posture and balance. Doing this in short increments throughout the day can help strengthen their core. Because a ball is an unstable surface, students will improve their balance while constantly adjusting their bodies on the ball.

Children with sensory processing disorders, ADHD or that just need movement, benefit greatly from using the ball as a chair because it puts them in constant motion.

Research has shown that for students with these issues, it helps them stay focused and improves behaviour.

Because students are more active due to the constant adjusting and moving, they are able to burn off excess energy.

Sit n Gym Ball Chairs- Sensory Seating

  • **Size** 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm (SOLD OUT) 
    Choose a size by measuring the individual's arm length (armpit to fingertips) and ordering the closest ball size