The Shower Tray is a vinyl based unit that makes showering easier. The tray

can be placed on top of an existing drain hole or used over an open drain

hole, by joining a hose to the side of the passage. The tray can be used along

with a standing shower chair for those with disability problems. The tray is

also easily foldable into a carry bag, allowing quick storage and stress-free

por tabilit y.

– Comes included with instructions

– Clearly printed on the carry bag

– Comes included as standard with hose. No need to separately source

Shower Tray - Royale Medical 110x110cm Portable

SKU: S2098
  • Dimensions when Inuse:

    Open on Floor 110cm x 110cm x 7.5cm

    Outlet Location 25cm x 25cm from corner

    Dimensions when Stored:

    Bag 35cm x 133cm

    Bag weight 2kg