The Hero Medical Aluminum Shower Stool provides great comfort and safety

when showering. It is assembled from a robust aluminum and includes a

lifetime warranty on rust. The unit complies with Australian standards and

is designed with easy to adjust legs whilst ensuring zero chances of water

filling into the stool legs. The height of the inner sliding legs can be easily

adjusted when required

Shower Stool - Aluminium Non-Padded Hero Medical 115kg(Folding/Collapsible Porta

SKU: S13967
  • Width Between Arms  -  45 cm

    Overall Width (Footprint) -  53 cm

    Overall Depth (Footprint)  -  38 cm

    Seat Height  -  49 – 68 cm

    Seat Depth  -  30 cm

    Armrest Height  -  14 cm

    Max SWL  -  115 kg