The Hero 2 in 1 Wheelchair/Rollator combines the specific features of a

rollator or seat walker and of a transit / transport chair. Operation of the unit

is simplified due to its unique design, users can simply flip down the footrest

and convert the unit into a transit chair whenever required. This state of the

art mobility device provides users and caregivers a great choice of ultimate

comfort and simplified usability.

Seat Walker/Wheelchair - Hero Medical Fusion 2 in 1 - 9.3kg

SKU: S13853
  • Overall Height  86 – 98 cm

    Overall Width  64 cm

    Overall Length  71 -98 cm

    Seat Depth  31 cm

    Seat Width  46 cm

    Seat Height  46 cm

    Folded Width  27 cm

    Castor Size  20 cm


    9.3 k

    Maximum SWL  130 kg