The 8 inch Hero Quad Seat Walker is made out of heavy duty construction

with a safe working limit of 130kg and is Australian standards certified. The

new “light touch” lock brake system and 20cm flat ridged wheels minimise

wheel wobble and increase grip. The easy fold rounded backrest offers

comfort, and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This seat walker can be

folded without removing the storage bag (which is made out of nylon and

prevents visibility of valuable items. e.g. wallet, handbag, keys)

Seat Walker - 8 inch Std Blue 135kg - Hero Medical 8.4kg

  • Overall Height  82cm - 97cm

    Overall Length  69cm

    Overall Width  62cm

    Seat Depth  33cm

    Seating Width  44cm

    Seat Height  56cm

    Folded Width  23cm

    Castor Size  20 cm / 8 in

    Unit Weight  8.4kg

    Max SWL  130kg