Poweo® Nursing is dedicated to home care and nursing home. It is

equipped with a 4-point suspension with an integrated weighing

system as an option.

Scaleo Premium Patient Lifter

SKU: S16989
  • NiMh Battery Capacity 90 cycles

    •Actuator 24V - 10A

    •NiMh Battery 24V - 3AH

    •Front Wheels 7.5 cm

    •Rear Wheels with Brakes 10 cm

    •Width Legs Closed 6.8 cm

    •Widith Legs Open 11.8 cm

    •Length in Use 132 cm

    • Maximum Heith Board 14.5 cm

    •Maximum Height in Use  214 cm

    •Hight Under Suspension with Scale 187cm / 175cm

    (4 Points Suspension), 160cm/ 147cm (Electric Suspension)

    •Legs Height  11 cm

    •Ground Clearance  5cm

    •Total Weight  49 kg (4 Points Suspension)

    64 kg (Electric Suspension)

    •Material  Aluminium and Steel